382 days
904.2 hours
13 partipants

the building of N622JC

a Zenith CH 750 CruZer

Why a Zenith CH 750 Cruzer

August 18, 2020

Factory Cruzer

There are more than 1,000 different kit plane models, so why did we choose a Zenith CH 750 Cruzer?


I have spent many hours in the skies over my own local area in a Quick Silver ultralight, a powered paraglider, and a hot air balloon. The Cruzer has a 120 MPH cruise speed, so even on a little day trip I’ll be able to fly much further from my home base than before.


The stall speed is in the low 40’s and touch down in the mid 30’s. In the event of an inflight emergency requiring an off airport landing, touching down at 38 MPH is MUCH safer than say 55 MPH in a Cessna.

The aircraft is also rated for -2 and +6 G at full gross weight.

In addition to this, given the operating expenses (listed below) avionics are much cheaper so we will be adding an advanced instrument panel that provides fantastic situational awareness, attitude guidance, terrain avoidance, glide and fuel information, as well as an auto pilot which can get you out of some sticky situations.


It’s hard to beat a hot air balloon, but the Cruzer is one of the best in it’s class, an enclosed fixed wing airplane. Between the low cowling that tapers towards the nose, the low instrument panel and the large window, forward visibility is excellent. The doors on either side are basically a thin frame with a huge bubble window. The window literally extends from below your legs and above your head while sitting in the plane. Further, right above the pilot and passenger is a full tinted sun roof window that allows visibility directly above you, and when in a turn even over the low wing!

Operating Expenses

Depending on which engine we finally decide on, we should be able to burn automotive gas and consume about 4.5 GPH with a 120 MPH cruise. This, however, is just the beginning of operating expenses. Being that I will be the builder, I can apply for a repairman’s certificate which gives me the ability to maintain and inspect the aircraft. Experimental aircraft also have further reduction in operating expenses in the fact that avionics and engine parts are dramatically cheaper than certified aircraft, not because they are built cheaper but due to the fact the liability does not exist. For example, the Garmin G5 instrument is $1,289.00 if installed in an experimental aircraft or $2,299.00 when installed in a certified aircraft. They are the exact same instrument.


Zenith Aircraft is based in Mexico, Missouri and has a large pilot base. They are excellent to work with, have a great completion rate, offers builder workshops, fly-ins and more.