382 days
904.2 hours
13 partipants

the building of N622JC

a Zenith CH 750 CruZer

Why build an airplane?

August 12, 2020 Jeremy

Why not? Seriously, though, a few reasons I can think of.

Family time

My girls have grown up around aviation, are goal oriented and love a challenge. When thinking about building an airplane and watching YouTube videos, the girls were immediately in.

This will be a family project that I believe we will look back on for many years to come with fond memories. It will create a bonding between us all that could not exist outside of a large project like this executed together.


We homeschool our girls (4 of them). Granted, 1 is now in college and 1 has just graduated, but we believe firmly that education does not end when school is over. The girls will learn many valuable skills through this process for all areas of life, and not just “mechanical” skills. For example, problem solving, working with others, following complex directions, forming plans of action, sticking to a task even when it gets difficult and more.


Start with a pile of metal and watch it transform to a plane before your very eyes. What greater adventure can there be for a family who loves aviation?


Start with a pile of metal and soon take flight, go on trips, share flying with others. That is a serious accomplishment and source of pride that can be taken by everyone involved in the building process.

How many kids (adults) have an accomplishment such as this?

Operating Costs/Maintenance

Burning 4.5 GPH of automotive fuel is just the beginning of the savings with an experimental aircraft. Unlike a certified aircraft, I will be able to maintain and inspect my own airplane.


When building, I can make the aircraft exactly what the family needs/wants. For example, simple but adding a cup holder. More complex, but adding an elbow rest between the seats. Other decisions, such as placing the main PFD (primary flight display) in the center of the instrument panel so that both the pilot and co-pilot can easily see and control the PFD.

These are all things that you do not get the ability to do when purchasing a certified aircraft, or for that matter, any aircraft that you did not build yourself.