382 days
904.2 hours
13 partipants

the building of N622JC

a Zenith CH 750 CruZer

Avionics Decision

September 22, 2020 12.0 hours Avionics Plan Planning Jeremy

The decision was made long ago for glass vs. steam gauges. While I prefer the look of the steam gauges, the glass panel just provides too many features, including safety, to go with steam gauges. Thus, the decision here is which glass panel to go with, as there are many for the experimental world.

Manufacturers considered:

  • Garmin
  • Dynon
  • Grand Rapids (GRT)
  • Michigan Avionics (MGL)
  • Aspen

Prior to the visit to the 2020 Zenith Homecoming, I was very much leaning towards the Garmin G3X suite of avionics instead of the others, Dynon being the one in second place.

After the visit the lines between Garmin and Dynon blurred a tad, but in the end Garmin still won out. I generally like going for the under dog, but with the avionics it is hard to beat the testing that goes into a Garmin device. For example, watch Flight Chops video on his Garmin All Access tour.

So, what of Garmin is going into 622JC?

  • GDU 460 - G3X Touch 10.6" Display
    • GSU 25C - ADAHRS
    • GMU 11 - Remote Magnetometer
    • GTP 59 - OAT Probe Kit
  • GNX 375 - IFR Certified GPS, Transponder w/ADS-B In/Out
  • GTR 200B - Com Radio w/Bluetooth Audio Panel
  • GAP 26 - Heated/Unregulated Pitot Tube with AOA
  • GEA 24 - Engine/Airframe Module
  • GAD 27 - Electronic Adapter Unit
  • GAD 29 - ARINC 429 Interface

Other items needed

  • GSU 25C Connector Kit
  • GMU 11 Installation Kit
  • GDU 260 Installation Kit
  • GEA 24 Connector Kit
  • GA 35 - TSO WAAS GPS Antenna
  • GAD 27 Connector Kit
  • GAD 29 Connector Kit
  • ACK 406/121.5 E-04 ELT
  • Comant DME/Transponder Antenna (CI-105)
  • Rami AV-10 Com Antenna
  • Stick Grip – Ray Allen G205 (PTT, Elevator Trim to GAD 27, AP buttons)

Information still needed

  • Wires to make connectors – How much wire and in what gauges?
  • Breakers – How many, what size?
  • Switches – How many, what configurations, which ones need guards, etc…
  • Batteries – How many, what size?
  • Key Switch – Which one?

Resources consulted

  • Garmin G3X Touch for Experimental Aircraft Manual Library
    • Pilot’s Guide, G3X Touch
    • Installation Manual – a wealth of valuable information. So much so, I want to bookmark items, mark pages up, etc… Thus, I printed this via my local Office Depot, which is the $69.34 expense on this work log entry. It’s nearly 1,000 pages of information.
  • Aircraft Spruce
    • Pricing