209 days
447.9 hours
13 partipants

the building of N622JC

a Zenith CH 750 CruZer

Inventory Session 2

November 4, 2020 5.5 hours Kit Purchase Preparing Jeremy

Completed the inventory this evening.

I placed things in boxes and areas around the garage (and in rafters) grouped based on build. I labeled the containers and the inventory so I know where each part is, at least in what area and what container.

When I go to build a section, I will do my best to take the parts out of the container making them easily visible for the build. I am hoping this organization will reduce the amount of time I spend getting ready for a new section and while building that section, reduce the amount of time I spend looking for parts.

When it came to the plastic hardware organizers, I did not count each item to see if the correct number of items were included, i.e. 32 washers, 16 nuts, etc. I did identify that the part was indeed in either the hardware organizer or in some other place in the kit. I then marked the inventory sheet if the hardware item was going to be in the organizer or in the build container with the other parts.

I logged 8 pieces missing in total. Went on a search for the missing pieces and was able to find 2 of them. 6 remain missing. I sent an email to Zenith.

Missing parts:

Part No Qty Description
S-1411 12 Cable Tie 4"
L 7 Standard L angle
MSC268P 1 1/8 NPT Male Connector
75N10-2A 1 Elevator Cable Assembly Top
75N10-2B 1 Elevator Cable Assembly Bottom
SunSpot 36HX Taxi 2 Taxi Light

In addition to this, I have a total of 3 SunSpot 36HX Landing Lights, 1 extra.