382 days
904.2 hours
13 partipants

the building of N622JC

a Zenith CH 750 CruZer

Fuselage - Seats and Gear Channel

December 7, 2020 4.5 hours Fuselage Building Jeremy, Samantha

Seat back brackets drilled, deubrred and cleco’ed. Sliding seat rails figured out and installed.

Started work on the gear channel. This took a bit of figuring. We wound up removing the cabin frame and quite a few cleco’ed parts in order to get a better view as to what is going on, how it should fit, etc. With the gear channel it was mostly looking, thinking, comparing to plans, etc. Not much tangible was done, but now we know how it all fits together and have a plan in place!

We also took some time out today to go look at a hangar for N622JC.