382 days
904.2 hours
13 partipants

the building of N622JC

a Zenith CH 750 CruZer

Wrap-up Day 28

August 20, 2021 13.0 hours Fuselage Building Jeremy, Samantha, Lucas

  • Solved control binding on pilot side flaperon
  • Mount static port for ECU
  • Rivet ground wires for wings
  • Torque Seal new Adel clamp installations
  • Paint flaperon counter balance weights
  • Work out control binding on passenger side flaperon
  • Install nut plates into top control channel
  • Safety Wire Bottom Nose Strut Bolts
  • Compress Front Strut
  • Ream/Tap each nut plate (screws are nearly impossible to put in otherwise)
  • Tighten main gear spring for no roll
  • Mount Aileron Auto Pilot Servo
  • Mount Elevator Auto Pilot Servo
  • Drill & Tap one end of two AP servo push rods
  • Torque lap seat belt bolts
  • Reinstall Interior
  • Removed sharp corners from boot cowl
  • Physical Installation of AP servos
  • Put a tick mark at 2,640 RPM for the 80% power mark for run-in procedure