382 days
904.2 hours
13 partipants

the building of N622JC

a Zenith CH 750 CruZer

Wrap-up Day 30

August 22, 2021 9.0 hours Fuselage Building Jeremy, Samantha, Anne, Lucas

  • Install backshell to AP servos
  • Water proof pitch trim connector in tail
  • Double check flaperon neutral points
  • Torque/Viz all flaperon related pushrod bolts
  • Torque/Viz battery tray
  • Torque/Viz solenoid
  • Torque/Viz internal wire harness clamps
  • Verify tire pressure
  • Pitch AP Push Rod
  • Determine how to protect fuel and brake lines in cabin area
  • Install AN3 fender washer, normal washer, cotter pin on flaperon fuse pins
  • Tie off excess seat belt material
  • Organize AP servo wiring